What types of fruit multi-use temperature data loggers are there?


Fruit is a very important food in people’s lives. It not only provides people with rich nutrients but also has a good taste. However, fruit is a food that is easily affected by temperature and deteriorates. In order to ensure its quality and taste, it is usually stored or transported in a cold chain, which means providing a suitable temperature and humidity environment for the fruit. Fruit multi-use temperature data loggers is a type of fruit temperature data logger. It can be used multiple times to monitor and record the temperature of the fruit cold chain environment to ensure that the fruit is in a constant and suitable temperature environment.


Fruit Multi-use Temperature Data Loggers


If you want to ensure the quality and taste of fruits, you must consider providing a suitable and constant temperature environment for the fruits during storage or transportation, and do a good job of temperature monitoring. There are many models of fruit multi-use temperature data loggers provided by Freshliance, and TagPlus-TH LCD Temperature and Humidity Data Logger is just one of them. It can monitor and record both temperature and humidity. Humidity is also one of the important factors that affect the quality and taste of fruits. This temperature recorder has an LCD display through which you can clearly see the temperature and humidity data of the fruit cold chain environment. It can also display the maximum, minimum, and average temperature values and high/low alarm curves. Many companies need temperature and humidity reports for analysis throughout the fruit process. TagPlus-TH has the function of storing temperature and humidity data, Max. 35000 readings for only PDF reports; Max. 20000 readings for PDF and CSV reports. After the fruit cold chain is completed, only the equipment needs to be By plugging the USB plug into the computer, you can directly generate a temperature and humidity data report for the entire cold chain process. Users can also choose reports in different formats according to their needs. TagPlus-TH provides accurate and reliable fruit cold chain temperature and humidity data reports, which can help users track and evaluate the temperature conditions of the fruit cold chain process. This helps improve and optimize supply chain management and ensure the quality and safety of the fruit.


Fruit Multi-use Temperature Data Loggers


From experience, cold chain management and temperature monitoring are very necessary for fruit transportation and storage. In addition to TagPlus-TH, the fruit multi-use temperature data logger provided by Freshliance also includes Atlas Log-TH, BlueTag T20, and other models. They are all devices for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity. Different models and different functions can meet the needs of different users. demand, but it has advantages in the same field in terms of performance, quality, and price. It has a very good reputation among users. Welcome to consult and purchase!

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