Tagplus-T Multi-use Temperature Data Logger

Product Info

  • Temperature Range -30℃~+70℃; -40℃~60℃ (optional)
  • Accuracy ±0.5°C(-30℃~+70℃); ±1.0°C(others)
  • Run Days Max.180 days
  • Report Format PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV
  • Memory Capacity 35000 readings PDF, 20000 readings PDF&CSV


The Tagplus-T Multi-use Temperature Data Logger is a device for monitoring and recording temperature data in a variety of applications, with an LCD screen for easy viewing of temperature data. Users can freely configure parameters before use, and the operation is simple and convenient. Encrypted reports with summary data, charts, and tables can be easily generated after a trip by connecting to a computer; and ad hoc mode allows the device to continue working after the user generates and reads ad hoc reports.

Tagplus-T Multi-use Temperature Data Logger is equipped with a temperature sensor that can accurately measure and record temperature readings. It can usually measure the temperature range from -30°C to 70°C, -40°C~60°C (optional); the accuracy is ±0.5°C (-30°C~+70°C); ±1.0°C (others), with the characteristics of high accuracy and reliable temperature.


User configurable settings
Users can configure various settings on the data logger, such as logging intervals, start times, and alarm thresholds. These settings can be adjusted based on specific temperature monitoring needs.

Alert notification
Tagplus-T data loggers often have built-in alarm or notification capabilities that alert the user when temperature conditions exceed specified thresholds.

Intuitive LCD screen
LCD screen displays all parameters, Max, Min, Average temperature value, and high/low alarming curve.

Temperature units switchable
Celsius (℃) and Fahrenheit (℉) can be freely switched.

CE, RoHS, EN12830
Complies to EN12830, it can be used for transportation, storage, and distribution of food.Timely reminder
The Data Logger Temperature Sensor has a battery exhaustion reminder and reconfiguration reminder for time accuracy.






Temperature Range


-40℃~60℃ (optional)

Temperature Accuracy





Memory Capacity

35000 readings PDF only, 20000 readings PDF & CSV

Report Format


Run Days

Max.180 days

Report Output

Automatic, no software needed


USB, NFC (optional)

Compatible OS

Windows, Mac

Logging Interval

1 minute-24 hours

Start Delay

0 minute-24 hours

Protection Grade



3.0V CR2032 lithium battery

Parameters Configurable






LCD Screen Display

Temperature value, Max/Min/Average value, Out of alarm range symbol, High/Low alarm curve, Battery level


Tagplus-T Multi-use Temperature Data Logger has been widely used in many different fields. This USB Temperature data logger is an ideal choice for in-transit records of the temperature changes of sensitive goods.

Food industry: Temperature monitoring is crucial during food processing, storage, and transportation, such as seafood, meat, dairy products, vegetables, fruits, etc. Temperature data loggers can ensure food is kept at the proper temperature to prevent food spoilage or safety issues.

Pharmaceutical industry: In the pharmaceutical process, the quality and safety of drugs are closely related to temperature. Too high or too low a temperature will affect the quality and safety of drugs. Temperature data loggers are used to monitor and record temperature conditions during pharmaceutical processes to ensure pharmaceutical products meet strict quality standards.

Logistics and supply chain management: In the logistics and supply chain world, temperature control is critical to the quality and safety of many products. Data loggers are used to monitor temperature in cold chain transportation to ensure that goods maintain good temperature conditions throughout the transportation process.

Healthcare Industry: In healthcare facilities and laboratories, temperature monitoring is critical for preserving pharmaceuticals, vaccines, blood, and other sensitive materials. Temperature data loggers are used to monitor temperatures in refrigeration and freezer equipment in healthcare facilities and during transportation.

Laboratory research: In scientific research and laboratory environments, some experiments and samples need to be carried out under specific temperature conditions. For example, biological samples, diagnostic reagents, biological reagents, molecular reagents, etc. all need to be stored at stable and appropriate temperatures. Or operate to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of experimental results.

In addition to the above areas, Freshliance multi-purpose temperature data loggers can also be used in many other industries and applications, such as environmental monitoring, building, and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems, refrigerated inventory management, etc.

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