BlueTag TH10 Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger

Product Info

  • Temperature Range -30℃~+70℃ (Internal sensor) -90℃~+200℃/-196℃~+200℃ (External probe); 0-100%RH
  • Accuracy ±0.5℃ F.S.; ±3.0%RH (25℃, 20~90%RH) ±5%RH (other)
  • Run Days Multi use
  • Report Format PDF/CSV/PDF&CSV
  • Memory Capacity Max. 20,000 readings


BlueTag TH10B/TH10R is a multi-use and configurable Bluetooth Temperature and Humidity Data Logger based on Bluetooth wireless communication technology, which makes it more convenient for users to view both real-time and historical data on the APP, without unpacking the goods. With configurable parameters and optional internal and external probes, this logger can be used in a variety of fields, such as medicine, food, and smart home.


Remote data reading at any time

With advanced Bluetooth connection technology, the user can read both the real time and history data remotely on the free APP at any time, without opening the package.


Free service for cloud data storage and synchronization

We provide a free cloud platform for data storage and synchronization.


Support multi-person collaboration

This Bluetooth data logger can be connected with multiple mobile users, and a mobile APP can be connected with multiple Bluetooth loggers.


Alarm via LED indicator and smart APP

In case of any data out of the preset alarm thresholds, the red LED indicator will flash every 30 seconds. And on the mobile App, an alarm sign will be displayed in the upper left corner of the device tag and relevant data will be recorded in red on both the home page and the Chart and Data details page.


Data filtration by date, normal/abnormal data

With our smart APP, the user can make data filtration by date and data status (normal/abnormal).


Gateway networking optional

Gateway networking is optional for BlueTag TH10B/TH10R, to enable the logger to collect data wirelessly and then transmit such data to the cloud.


External probes optional

In addition to the built-in sensor, this logger can also be optionally equipped with one or two external probes for temperature and humidity.


Independent data reading for each probe

The data recorded by each probe is read independently.



BlueTag TH10B/TH10R



Temperature Range


(Internal sensor)


(External probe)

Humidity Range


Temperature Accuracy

±0.5℃ F.S.

Humidity Accuracy


(25℃, 20~90%RH)

±5%RH (other)




Bluetooth 5.2

Temperature Units

℃, ℉

Start Delay

0min ~72h


2*Replaceable AAA batteries (TH10B)

Rechargeable lithium battery (TH10R)

Logging Interval

1min ~99min


Magnetic adsorption, hanging, folding stand

APP Language

Chinese, English


TH30B: about 85g

TH30R: about 90g

Memory Capacity

Max. 20,000 readings

Product Dimension



BlueTag TH10B/TH10R Bluetooth temperature and humidity data logger is easy to use and can monitor and record environmental temperature and humidity around the clock. With the Bluetooth communication technology, the user can remotely view and analyze both real time and historical data. Moreover, this Bluetooth data logger can be connected to the gateway device as needed, to adapt to more application environments.

This logger can be applied in the fields like smart house, food, archives management, drug storage, greenhouse, animal farming.
For example, in the archives management, paper articles are extremely sensitive to the temperature and humidity fluctuation. Improper environmental conditions may seriously shorten the retention period of such articles. This logger can help the user to keep stable temperature and humidity and avoid insect attack, etc.

In drugs management, some drugs have strict requirements for temperature and humidity. Any fluctuations may cause loss of efficacy or spoilage. This logger will be an ideal instrument to keep the drugs within proper temperature and humidity range, without opening the package or the storage cabinet, etc.

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