Vaccine temperature data logger with probe


The vaccine is a biological product whose active ingredients are very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, the temperature of the vaccine needs to be controlled during transportation or storage, and temperature monitoring is also required to ensure the effectiveness and quality of the vaccine. There are currently many models of vaccine Temperature Data Logger on the market, but Frehliance recommends a temperature data logger with probe because it is more accurate and covers a wider range, so the vaccine environment temperature data monitored and recorded are more authentic. , reliability.


Vaccine Temperature Data Logger with probe


Some vaccines need to be stored at refrigerated temperatures of 2°C to 8°C (35.6°F to 46.4°F), while others need to be stored at -20°C or lower. Atlas Log-30 launched by Freshliance is a Temperature Data Logger with a probe. It can monitor the temperature from -30℃ to +70℃ with an accuracy of ±0.5℃ at full range (-30℃ to +70℃). Meets vaccine temperature monitoring standards. The external probe line of this vaccine USB temperature data logger is 2m long, which can cover a wider range, and the probe is highly sensitive and can accurately monitor the temperature changes in the vaccine environment. The built-in PDF/CSV file generation function of the Log-30 temperature data logger, with a USB connector, can directly generate irreversible data reports in PDF/CSV format without any software. It is very useful for vaccine transportation or storage cold chain temperature analysis. help. In order to better remind users, Freshliance has made a technical upgrade to the alarm function of this vaccine Temperature Logger. Up to 6 alarm points can be set. Not only will the alarm symbol be displayed on the LCD screen, but the device is equipped with a buzzer, which is approximately 3 meters away. 60dB, which can promptly and effectively remind users to make reasonable adjustments to the vaccine environment temperature.


Vaccine Temperature Data Logger with probe


Cold chain and temperature monitoring are critical to the shelf life and effectiveness of vaccines. Although there are many Temperature Data Logger manufacturers and equipment models on the market, Freshliance still recommends our Atlas Log series as the vaccine Temperature Data Logger. The longer external probe line can cover the temperature monitoring area in a wider range, and our temperature The lowest temperature that the data logger can monitor and record can reach -200°C. It can work stably in ultra-low temperature environments, has a low failure rate, and has high sensitivity and accuracy. It can be used normally for temperature monitoring of vaccines at normal temperatures or ultra-low temperature environments. If you want to know more about Freshliance Atlas Log series temperature data loggers, you can consult online customer service or leave a message!

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