Vaccine temperature data logger with external probe


Vaccines are very sensitive to temperature, and large temperature fluctuations may affect the quality or effectiveness of vaccines. Therefore, the transportation or storage of vaccines requires an appropriate ambient temperature. A vaccine temperature data logger with external probes can be used for vaccine storage or transportation environment temperature monitoring and recording, with high accuracy and a wider monitoring range. In order to ensure the quality of vaccines throughout the supply chain, temperature monitoring equipment must be used to monitor and record temperature conditions in real-time, so that the vaccine environment temperature can be understood in real-time, and temperature reports can be generated. The quality of vaccines can be analyzed and traced, in compliance with vaccine management regulations.


vaccine temperature data logger with external probe

Vaccines require temperature monitoring for transportation or storage, but managers should understand the nature of vaccines and the performance of recorders. When choosing a temperature recorder, it must be selected according to the specific storage temperature requirements of the vaccine to ensure that the appropriate temperature is always maintained throughout the storage and transportation process. Freshliance’s Atlas Log-60 is a disposable/multi-purpose temperature data logger that users can choose to use once or multiple times according to their needs. The vaccine temperature data logger can set reasonable parameters according to the vaccine environment requirements, such as recording interval, start delay, high and low-temperature alarm points, report format, etc. Reasonable parameters can better monitor and record changes in vaccine environment temperature. This temperature data recorder has an external probe and is highly accurate. The accuracy can reach ±0.5℃ in the range of -60℃~+70℃, which meets the standards of vaccines, medicines, and biological products. This LCD temperature recorder has a large screen. Through the display screen, users can directly view the operating status of the device, the current temperature, maximum, minimum, and average temperature values ​​of the vaccine environment, as well as the alarm status, battery power, alarm points, and other information. It can timely detect abnormal changes in the temperature of the vaccine transportation environment, which is an ideal choice for the pharmaceutical industry and biological preparations. The recorder can set 6 alarm points. If the vaccine environment temperature exceeds the set alarm point, an alarm symbol will appear on the display screen. If the device is equipped with a buzzer, the buzzer will also emit a 60-decibel alarm at 3m to remind managers to adjust the ambient temperature in time to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.


vaccine temperature data logger with external probe


In order to ensure the temperature control of vaccines throughout the supply chain, specially designed low-temperature control systems and temperature monitoring instruments are usually used. The vaccine temperature data recorder with an external probe launched by Freshliance can meet the ultra-low temperature recording and monitoring of vaccines in refrigerated, cold chain transportation, and dry ice storage environments. It has both real-time monitoring and temperature change records. After the vaccine temperature monitoring work is completed, an unchangeable temperature report can be generated, which is of great help for vaccine quality analysis and traceability and is conducive to ensuring vaccine safety and effectiveness. If you want to know more about the Freshliance vaccine temperature data logger, you can consult the online customer service or leave a message!

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