Temperature data logger with probe for ultra-low temperature environment


The temperature data logger with the probe is very suitable for use in ultra-low temperature environments because it can monitor and record ambient temperature changes stably, reliably, and accurately in ultra-low temperature environments. Ultra-low temperature environment generally refers to extremely low temperature environment, with the ambient temperature being -40°C or even lower. There are also many fields of application in ultra-low temperature environments, such as food storage and transportation, as well as physics, chemistry, materials science, biological research, etc. Although it is an ultra-low temperature environment, stable monitoring must be done to ensure the quality and safety of food, medicine, and experimental materials.


Ultra-low temperature environment provides an extreme temperature condition and plays an important role in preservation, preservation, freezing processing, and scientific research. If you want to perform temperature monitoring in an ultra-low temperature environment, the quality and performance requirements for the recorder are very high. The temperature data logger with probe provided by Freshliance is a recorder with a 2-meter-long cable, and the lowest monitoring temperature can reach -90°C. Although it is in an ultra-low temperature environment, this ultra-low temperature data logger can operate stably and has a long working time. It can work for up to 90 days and the accuracy can reach ±0.5°C, which can ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the experiment. Physics, chemistry, materials science, biology, and other scientific research are very helpful. This ultra-low temperature recorder has an LCD display. Through the display, you can view the real-time maximum/minimum/average temperature values of the equipment, as well as alarm and operating status and battery power. Workers can view laboratories, warehouses, etc. through the display. Abnormal temperature changes in the environment can be adjusted in time. For scientific research, storage, and transportation of items, temperature reports are also very important, and Atlas Log-90 can generate PDF/CSV/PDF+CSV reports with charts and tables. It only needs to be connected to the computer via USB and does not need to install any software. , automatically generated, not only is it convenient to observe real-time monitoring, but also simple to view historical reports, and is very cost-effective.



The ultra-low temperature environment can extend the retention time of materials, maintain their original characteristics, prevent corruption and microbial contamination, and provide a basis for research and application. Freshliance’s temperature data logger with probe can work stably, reliably, and for a long time in ultra-low temperature environments. It provides real-time monitoring, alarm functions, and historical temperature data, which is more helpful for the validity and authority of scientific research results. Freshliance has launched many models of ultra-low temperature data loggers. Users can choose the model that suits their needs according to their needs, maximizing the efficiency of ultra-low temperature environmental temperature monitoring and reducing costs!

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