Multi use temperature data logger with probe for cold storage


Cold storage can provide facilities for storing some temperature-sensitive items and maintaining a low-temperature environment, helping to ensure the quality and safety of items. Many goods require the use of cold storage for storage, such as vegetables, fruits, medicines, meat, seafood, etc. Different goods have different temperature requirements for cold storage. In order to ensure that the ambient temperature is appropriate and constant, the cold storage needs to monitor and record the temperature. The Multi use Temperature Data Logger with a probe for cold storage temperature monitoring can improve the operating efficiency of cold storage and the safety of items.

Multi use Temperature Data Logger with probe for cold storage

Items stored in cold storage are generally very sensitive to temperature, and higher or lower temperatures will affect their quality. The cold storage can provide a suitable and constant temperature environment, and temperature monitoring can ensure that the ambient temperature of the cold storage meets the requirements. Atlas Log-30 launched by Freshliance is a Multi-use Temperature Data Logger with a probe. Its temperature monitoring range is -30℃~+70℃, and the accuracy is ±0.5℃ in the full range (-30℃ to +70℃), this accuracy is in line with high-precision industry standards such as medicine and biotechnology, so it is very suitable for temperature monitoring of medicine, biotechnology, and other items. The cold storage space is very large, and the temperature recorder with a probe has a two-meter wire, which will cover a wider range. This Multi use temperature recorder has a working time of 180 days. After the battery is exhausted, the battery can be replaced and reused multiple times. This can also save more costs for cold storage and avoid having to buy new products all the time. Atlas Log-30 is equipped with an LCD display. Cold storage staff can directly check the operating status, current temperature, alarm status, battery power, alarm point, maximum, minimum, and average temperature values, and other data through the display screen, and carry out the cold storage environment A rough analysis. The storage function of this USB temperature recorder is relatively large. It can store 35,000 data in PDF format and 20,000 data in PDF&CSV. Users can connect the device to the computer to generate reports in PDF/CSV/PDF+CSV format. Through the report, users can analyze the cold storage environment temperature in detail, track and analyze cold storage performance, and temperature fluctuations, and find problems in a timely manner, which is very helpful for the operating efficiency and management of cold storage.

Multi use Temperature Data Logger with probe for cold storage

Cold storage plays an important role in logistics, providing a suitable low-temperature environment to protect and store temperature-sensitive items while ensuring the quality and safety of the items. Freshliance provides many Atlas Log series Multi use Temperature Data Logger models, which are suitable for use in different temperature environments, including ordinary low-temperature environments, ultra-low temperature environments, dry ice environments, and liquid nitrogen environments. They have stable performance, ultra-lasting working hours, and high accuracy. Features can ensure that the entire supply chain cold storage environment temperature data monitoring and recording are effective and accurate. If you are interested in the Multi use Temperature Data Logger launched by Freshliance, you can consult online customer service or leave a message!

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