LCD temperature humidity sensor with the report


Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring are essential for the storage or transportation of sensitive items, ensuring that the ambient temperature of the entire supply chain meets the storage requirements of the items. Selecting a temperature humidity sensor with a report can provide data records during transportation, including temperature and humidity curves and changes, and can analyze the effectiveness of cold chain management and the quality of the items in the entire supply chain. These data are very valuable for tracing product transportation history, analyzing transportation conditions, improving supply chain management, and resolving potential disputes or disputes.


LCD temperature humidity sensor with report


Temperature and humidity monitoring can ensure that the environment of sensitive items is suitable during transportation or storage. There are many types of instruments for temperature and humidity monitoring on the market. Freshliance has launched an LCD temperature humidity sensor, which can generate temperature and humidity reports and is very cost-effective. Atlas Log-TH is a temperature and humidity recorder with an external probe, which can monitor a wider range of environments is more flexible, and also improves the sensitivity and accuracy of the equipment. The LCD temperature recorder uses a user-friendly interface, a clear LCD display, and intuitive controls to directly display all parameters, operating status, current temperature, alarm status, battery power, alarm points, maximum, minimum, and average temperature values. Users can check the cold chain environment temperature at any time. If the temperature/humidity is abnormal, an alarm will be issued, and the cold chain temperature and humidity can be adjusted in time to ensure the quality of the goods. This USB temperature data logger not only generates a temperature and humidity report for the entire supply chain after the trip but also has the function of providing temporary reports. Users can connect to a computer during operation to generate and read temporary reports for a certain period of time, and then the temperature data logger can continue to operate. When the device stops working, the entire supply chain temperature and humidity report can still be generated, which is very helpful for cold chain environment management monitoring and analysis.


LCD temperature humidity sensor with report


Through temperature and humidity monitoring, it can ensure that products are transported under appropriate conditions to maintain their quality and effectiveness. Freshliance’s LCD temperature humidity sensor with the report has the characteristics of stable operation, high accuracy, high sensitivity, and low price. It can be used in refrigerated trucks, refrigerated containers, warehouses, medicine cabinets, refrigerators, laboratories, and other places. It can not only accurately monitor and record, but also the alarm function can promptly remind managers of abnormal temperature/humidity conditions so that appropriate emergency measures can be taken to prevent further damage or danger.

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