Insulin Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Model


Insulin is a very sensitive drug that needs to be stored and transported at the appropriate temperature to maintain its stability and efficacy. Insulin needs to be stored at a temperature range of 2°C to 8°C (36°F to 46°F). The transportation and storage of insulin require temperature monitoring to ensure that the ambient temperature of the insulin meets the requirements. The insulin Bluetooth temperature data logger uses Bluetooth technology and can be connected to a mobile phone. Through the APP, you can check the temperature of the insulin environment and provide accurate data and change curves to ensure the quality and safety of insulin.


Insulin Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger


Insulin is usually transported and stored under a cold chain logistics system to prevent temperature fluctuations from affecting its efficacy. Temperature monitoring is very helpful and necessary for the insulin cold chain. BlueTag T10 is an insulin temperature data logger that takes up very little space. It is also a cost-effective Bluetooth temperature data logger that can be placed directly in medicine cabinets, refrigerators, and medicine boxes. When people need to carry insulin when they go out, they can also put it directly in the insulin packaging bag, and then connect to their mobile phone via Bluetooth to know the ambient temperature of the insulin at any time and anywhere. This insulin Bluetooth temperature data logger uses a more advanced sensor with an accuracy of ±0.5°C (-30°C to +70°C) in the full range. Users only need to download the T-keeper app and scan the two After entering the QR code, the pairing will be successful immediately. The mobile phone will actively connect within a range of 10m, and the user can easily understand the temperature changes in the insulin environment. The BlueTag T10 insulin temperature data logger can be connected to unlimited mobile phone users to view the ambient temperature of insulin and device operation at the same time. Users can set the insulin-safe temperature alarm range for the Bluetooth temperature data recorder. When the insulin ambient temperature exceeds the alarm range, the mobile APP will issue an alarm reminder, which can also be sent via email or text message, so that users can monitor the insulin ambient temperature in a more timely manner. Make adjustments to ensure insulin quality and safety.


Insulin Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger Model


There are many kinds of drugs in the pharmaceutical industry, like insulin, that are sensitive to temperature, so cold chain technology and temperature monitoring are very important for them. As a manufacturer that specializes in R&D and production of pharmaceutical temperature data loggers, Freshliance not only launches insulin temperature data logger, but also has a variety of temperature data loggers suitable for insulin and other drugs. The equipment operates stably, monitors accurately, and can generate accurate and reliable data. The temperature data report can make reasonable judgments on the quality and safety of medicines during storage and transportation. If you want to know more details about Freshliance Medical Temperature Data Logger, you can consult online customer service or leave a message!

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