Humidity and temperature recorder for flowers


Flowers are very sensitive to temperature and humidity. A suitable temperature and humidity environment can extend the shelf life and flowering period of flowers, maintaining their freshness and ornamental value. The humidity and temperature recorder is very suitable for monitoring the temperature and humidity of flowers during transportation and storage, ensuring that the flower environment meets the requirements. This device is a temperature recorder that can be reused with a replaceable battery. It has the characteristics of a small footprint and high protection level, which can reduce the transportation and storage costs of flowers and is very cost-effective.


humidity and temperature recorder for flowers


Real-time monitoring of flower temperature and abnormal temperature alarms can help transportation companies and flower suppliers adjust transportation conditions in time, reduce the loss of flowers during transportation, and ensure the freshness of flowers. TagPlus-TH developed by Freshliance is a configurable and battery-replaceable Multi-Use Temperature and Humidity Data Logger with low energy consumption and high precision. The battery can work for up to 180 days and can continue to work after replacing the battery. The temperature monitoring range of the humidity and temperature recorder is -30℃~+70℃, with an accuracy of ±0.5℃ F.S., and the humidity monitoring range is 0~100% relative humidity, with an accuracy of ±3% relative humidity, which can meet the temperature and humidity monitoring standards of flowers in transportation or storage environments. Many customers have very high-quality standards for flowers. If merchants can provide temperature and humidity monitoring reports, it can increase customer trust and improve customer satisfaction. The temperature and humidity data logger can not only provide environmental temperature and humidity reports during the entire monitoring process but also provide temporary reports. It can directly generate temperature reports for a certain period of time by connecting to a computer, and then the recorder can continue to work. The Freshliance temperature and humidity recorder has high accuracy, and the monitored and recorded temperature and humidity data are accurate and reliable. The temperature and humidity report is of great help for the analysis of the temperature and humidity of the flower environment. It can also improve consumer trust.


humidity and temperature recorder for flowers


Through real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, the quality and freshness of flowers during transportation and storage can be effectively ensured to meet the needs of the market and customers. Freshliance’s dedicated humidity and temperature recorder for flowers has a large LCD display screen. Users can use the display screen to understand the maximum, minimum, and average temperature/humidity values ​​of the flower environment and high/low alarm curves, which can help users effectively evaluate and analyze the quality of flowers. Accurate temperature and humidity reports are provided to customers or as a basis for internal quality control. Therefore, flower temperature and humidity monitoring and recording require the selection of a temperature and humidity recorder that meets the requirements. Real-time monitoring, abnormal alarms, and accurate recording are all indispensable!

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