How to use the medical Bluetooth temperature data logger?


Medicines are very sensitive to temperature. Too high or too low a temperature may affect the quality and activity of medicines. Therefore, many medicines require temperature management and monitoring during transportation or storage. The Bluetooth temperature data logger is a very suitable temperature logger for medical temperature monitoring because it can be connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. The temperature of the medical environment can be directly viewed on the mobile phone within a range of 10m. It is very simple and convenient to use.


Medical Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger


Biological products, vaccines, and certain drugs require storage and transportation under cold chain conditions. Temperature monitoring is a core element of cold chain management, ensuring that drugs are within the appropriate temperature range throughout the supply chain to prevent drug failure or damage. The BlueTag T10 HACCP Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger provided by Freshlianc is a high-performance medical Bluetooth temperature data logger that uses an intelligent temperature sensor made in Japan, making the instrument more precise and accurate. The BlueTag T10 Bluetooth range is 10m. Just download the T-keeper app and scan the QR code on the product to pair successfully immediately. Within the 10m range, you can actively connect to your phone and update temperature data. During the process of medical temperature monitoring, many users worry that large temperature changes will affect the quality and activity of the medicine. They often want to check the temperature monitored by the instrument. This Bluetooth temperature recorder has an alarm system and is connected to a mobile phone. Once the temperature is If it exceeds the preset range, you will receive a notification reminder on your mobile phone, and you can adjust the temperature of the medical environment in time to avoid affecting the quality of medicine. At present, the temperature monitoring of BlueTag T10 is -30℃~+70℃, and the accuracy can reach the full range ±0.5℃ (-30℃ to +70℃). For insulin, which has special temperature requirements, we can also monitor the temperature according to the insulin. It can be customized according to the properties of the drug, such as the Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger for Insulin, which can accurately monitor the environmental temperature of insulin and ensure its quality and activity.


Medical Bluetooth Temperature Data Logger


The pharmaceutical industry is subject to strict regulatory and compliance requirements, and the storage and transportation of pharmaceuticals will have strict temperature requirements to ensure product quality and safety. Freshliance is a powerful temperature data logger R&D, production, and sales manufacturer. The medical Bluetooth temperature data logger launched can meet the needs of temperature monitoring and recording during pharmaceutical cold chain management and transportation, providing a good quality certificate for the pharmaceutical industry. Helps ensure drug stability and effectiveness.

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